It allows signals between HDMI and SDI without degradation of video quality.
UHD Scaling Cross Converter TFC
  • 1ea x HDMI 2.0a Input
  • 1ea x SDI 12G Input
  • 1ea x HDMI 2.0a Output
  • 2ea x SDI 12G Output
  • Dual Scaler included
  • Supports HD, UHD 4K with up/down scaling
  • Front touch panel
  • Built-in web server
UHD MiniSignal Converter FMC
  • 4ea x 3G SDI Inputs
  • 1ea x HDMI 2.0a Output
  • HD Conversion Supported (3G SDI to HDMI)
  • Embeded Audio Support
  • Configure via USB port and supplied Miniconfig software


4K Player with SDI & HDMI Output
4K Player with SDI & HDMI Output Fine Player
  • 4K player with HDMI & SDI output
  • 4ea x 12G SDI Outputs
  • 4ea x HDMI 2.0a Outputs
  • Dual Scaler Included
  • Signal Conversion
  • LCD Preview and Touch Control
  • Built-In Web Server